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 The Value in Buying Facebook Likes

Ever since Facebook first hit the scene in 2004, its popularity has increased exponentially, as its appeal expanded from the first students to use it to, well, pretty much everyone today. And whereas Facebook used to be simply a place for friends to hook up online, today it’s become a marketing powerhouse, with everything from entertainers to major corporations to non-profits and every other group and company around maintaining a page on Facebook, in addition to their other social presence.


Getting Noticed on Facebook

And now that Facebook is so popular, and so populated, it’s becoming harder than ever to get your message out and get people to view your page. With so many competing options, you have to work hard just to be seen, not to mention getting any number of users to visit your page on a continual basis. And that means, in an ever more competitive world, you need every edge you can find to get ahead. And that’s where buying Facebook likes might come in useful.

Buying Facebook likes is an effective way to increase the popularity of your site or product on the internet, primarily because users on pretty much any social media platform respond better to posts and pages and users that can demonstrate a certain level of popularity. In other words, the more that they see others liking your page or product, the more likely they are to take a look at it, and like it themselves.


Why Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

Whether you’re a company looking to sell products and services, or an entertainer looking to make your name, buying likes on Facebook can provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Improves your visibility – As mentioned above, the key to being seen on Facebook is to have others like your page. The more likes you have, the more likes you’ll get, and popularity breeds popularity. But it takes a lot of time and effort to get those likes, and time is often something you don’t have. So, one way to jump start your efforts is to buy likes, which will in turn speed the time it takes to get real traction on Facebook, and get your presence noticed.
  • Increases interest in your product – Lots of Facebook viewers use Facebook to go to the pages for companies, and do research on their products or services. Because of that, it’s a good idea to include a lot of information on your page about your products or services, either as posts or links to your website, or both. But that only goes so far in getting people interested in what your company offers. After all, lots of companies offer plenty of information about their products and services too. That’s why people like to see things like reviews, comments and likes. These are the things that help them decide to look into a product further, and potentially to buy the products your company offers.
  • Increase brand awareness – Sometimes the goal of a social media campaign or presence isn’t simply to sell a product immediately, but also to build general awareness in the company or brand itself. Brand marketing is a critical activity for many companies, from Coca-Cola to Apple Computer to Nike. For those companies, the brand itself it just as important as any product, and in many cases the brand is what sell the product, time and again. But for smaller companies trying to build a brand, it can be a daunting task. That’s where things like buying Facebook likes can help speed the recognition of your brand or company.
  • Increase your company’s profile – Increasing brand awareness is key, and for many companies leads to an increase in their profile, which increases the amount and quality of contacts your company gains. Many companies engage in B2B (Business to Business) sales, and in that kind of market, funneling contacts to sales people leads directly to more sales, and more revenue. Therefore, if you can increase the visibility of your company through strategies like buying Facebook likes, it leads to more potential links to customers who want to learn more about what your company does.
  • Increased public relations – Some companies or celebrities don’t use Facebook to promote a particular product or service. In some cases, their Facebook presence is used to reach out to the market, and promote the company or themselves to their audience directly. Companies use it to highlight the good things they do, and celebrities use it to reach out to their fans. In those cases, purchased Facebook likes can help to increase the impact of those posts, and increase the positive perceptions of individual viewers.
  • Increased traffic to your page – The name of the game in social media is to get as many eyeballs to look at your page as possible. The more people that see your site, the more people that will become fans, and continue to support you and/or your company and product in the future. Buying Facebook likes will grow the amount of traffic to your page, giving more people a chance to see your page and learn more about what you do.


Buying Facebook fans is an effective component to any marketing or public relations plan, which many companies and celebrities use on a regular basis. And once the purchase of Facebook likes is combined with other strategies as part of an overall social media plan, it can lead to big results.

The key is to find a company that has experience in this area, who will treat your information confidentially, and who will provide the right kind of likes, on time, and maintain those likes for a certain amount of time as well. You should take the time to evaluate what it is that you’re most looking to gain from your purchase, and then look at those companies that seem to best understand not only what you’re trying to accomplish, but also how best to do it. If you take the right approach to Buying Facebook likes, and choose the right company, it’ll go a long way toward maximizing your marketing budget.

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